Relax Zone in the Center Area

Whether you want to stay at the performance stage or just at the center area, the Fire Festival is offering lots of fun for all guests. At the podium, visitors are just standing shoulder to shoulder with one another. There is constant dancing happening at the stage and that is the joy of being at the Fire Festival. The hyper merriment must wobble the entire Nottingham Rock City while the visitors are enjoying the loyalty and love for their favorite bands during this period of festivity. The fun moments have really brought the city people together and allowed them to come out of their pacify zone to meet new faces. Everyone is now left to enjoy good times of their lives without letting anything ruin it.

Relax ZoneThe relax zone is one of the interesting aspects of the Fire Festival celebrations that every guest deserves to know. The inclusion of extraordinary services makes it a special place for visitors. It does not matter what kind of festivals you have attended before, the Fire Festival is one in a million given the exclusive services available for the guests. The relax zone consists of various including a spa just near the main exit. The spa is an all-inclusive facility for the guests to obtain relaxing massages while sipping their favorite drinks. More interesting is the fact that the guests are just using massage chairs, unlike the traditional massage therapy techniques.

Some guests are spending their time on the stage enjoying the stomach-kicking music. However, the thumping drums and the ringing guitars are just relatively far from the center area. So, the guests are as well enjoying relatively low music from a distance while sitting on their comfortable massage chairs. In short, they are having the maximum fun that festival could just offer. The idea behind including the massage chairs is to promote healthy living for the residents of the Nottingham Rock City during and after the Fire Festival celebrations. To make the Fire Festival a success, wise selection of high-tech and programmable massage chairs was made. These are the models that are easy to use for the guests as they need to adjust settings based on one’s desires. Read more on

Nothing feels good than watching dancers as well as the music fans throwing their hands up in the air. They are just screaming, symbolizing clearly that the Fire Festival is a memorable celebration. While the guests are comfortably sitting in the massage chairs, they can watch the beauty of the festival as the performers continue driving the entire crowd crazy. The center area hosts hundreds of seats while the fire circle zone holds at least fifty chars. Space is adequate for the guests to relax with a membership of VIP that guarantees a sense of recognition. It is time for the visitors to find their love for outdoor activities during this festivity season!

Some of the core reasons to attend the Fire Festival celebrations are to have fun, learn new technologies, and discover new products in the market. With the addition of massage chairs in the relax zone, additional health benefits are accrued for the guests. This is important in our modern given the many challenges facing the residents of the city. So, the guests can rejuvenate the bodies during the festival celebrations, courtesy of the high-quality massage chairs. For those Nottingham Rock City residents with stress-related disorders are actually benefiting health-wise through the massage therapy.

stress free zoneFor that reason, the Fire Festival is one of the ways to eliminate migraines, backaches, and other stress-related problems. That is why massage chairs have been availed in the relax zone. The therapy reduces the release of stress hormones, thus the visitors can feel rested and relaxed during and even after the festival. It is also the mandate of the facility’s experts to inform the guests the health benefits of using massage chairs over the traditional physiotherapy. To mention a few, high-quality massage chairs help to improve blood circulation, alleviate stress, and boost mood.

The guests can now rest assured of overall body relaxation and rejuvenation because the massage chairs are designed to offer more customized massage therapy than the conventional human touch. Therefore, the visitors can get the best body kneading without verbal directives. The Fire Festival also features technology aspects by bringing forth the high-tech products that are quite reliable in the health sector. Due to the trending needs for health and wellness plans, the relax zone is the ultimate destination for many city’s residents as well as visitors from different regions of the world.


Stress relief is one of the vital benefits of massage therapy. It is a component of a healthy lifestyle as it regulates heart rate and insulin levels more appropriately. A large number of happy guests at the Fire festival are reporting positive changes because of the massage chairs in the relax zone.

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