What to Pack for A Beautiful Look in Camp Area (Styling Messy Hair)

In the history of festivals, people have found some to be boring while others are fantastically memorable. As anticipated in the Fire Festival, it is one of the thrilling events that have ever happened in the Nottingham Rock City. Many things including live performances from various performers will be happening there. Every day has its own special thing to offer based on the audience’s taste. There is a lot of sophistication as far as performances are concerned because the entire occasion involves lots of music, followed by intensive dancing and cheers that blends everything. The people already on the ground feel that the days and nights are shorter than normal given the immense fun at the fire circle.

Firefest Camping Zone

Alright, you are already preparing to join the rest of fans at the camping area. You will require a few things during the three-day festival. As a woman who understands the importance of carrying necessities, I have helpful ideas for all women that are set for the event. For the women guests, I recommend a few basic items such as sunglasses, bug spray, toothpaste, toothbrush, comfortable clothes (for day and night), and sun hat. It is also fine to carry essential feminine hygiene items and a personal first-aid kit.

Apart from the basic items, I will propose other mus-carry things that should never miss in any guest’s luggage. Of course, you need to carry shampoos, soaps, and conditioners. No problem, these are imperative items but there are other significant things that must be included in your checklist – the hair tools. I have been going for outdoor camping zones for the last five to seven years. Since all festivals are almost similar based on what to carry, every visitor’s checklist should have a hair tool. Other items that may follow down the list include the deodorant, prescription medications, earplugs, sleeping mask, and all other items mentioned earlier.

Last week, I talked to one of the Fire Festival organizing committee members about the necessities that guest should carry to the camp. I was thrilled to hear about the hair brushes, and this became a topic of discussion in our conversation. I will not be able to share everything we talked about, but I would like all guests to understand the latest and best hair styling tools. Lucky enough, there are better alternatives to curling irons and flat irons – the powerful Hot Air Brushes. These are the new hair tools we are recommending to the women guests since they are highly effective.

Hot Air Brushes for the Guests

Hot Air BrushesThe most effective tool is the ceramic model, which leaves your hair looking different and voluminous. All the guests in the camping zone deserve to stay at the top of the beauty. Probably, you will see some women at the camping zone wearing wavy or straight hair. This can be boring, especially for those who wish to change their looks. Therefore, visitors can carry or purchase these professional hot air brushes since they add a more comfortable fashion and style.

Some of the guests I have met since the festival started are used to the curling irons and hot electric straightening tools. Even though they are relatively cool hair tools, the hot air brushes are really beyond them in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Every visitor wants a shiny and healthy hair, and therefore the hot air brushes can absolutely do the trick. Interestingly, it does not cause unwelcoming surprises of dull, split ends, or burned hair even when used often. During the camping days, you rest assured of getting the best hairstyle you want.

Among the many models in the market, the Calista Perfecter Fusion and the Nano Titanium are some of the best and recommended hot air brushes to use. Interestingly, both have a combination of ionic technology and ceramic, which prevent frizz and ensure a shiny, smooth, and full-body hair. After observing the guests’ hair who have been visiting our salon shop, the two mentioned hot air brushes are simply fine for their hair lengths and textures. However, the hot air brushes may not be fit for some visitors with too short hair!


One of the common queries I have heard from various women guests at the Fire Festival is “can hot air brush damage my hair“? Alright, the answer is “NO” unless if used inappropriately. It is advisable for all guests to keep the tool on the correct setting depending on their hair types. I will request potential visitors to include a heat protection spray in their packages. Being the latest best alternative to the curling tongs and straighteners, hot air brushes ensures that there is no hair tangling between the heated plates. Therefore, those guests with brittle or chemically treated hair can comfortably and safely use the hot air brushes.

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