Prevention of Hearing Loss

Awareness Campaign: Prevention of Hearing Loss

Prevention of Hearing LossEnsuring a high-quality health of the guests during the Fire Festival is one of the critical aspects of consideration. As a priority for the residents of Nottingham Rock City, plans for launching a promotion of the hearing loss prevention are underway. The campaign is involving all stakeholders that have been at the forefront championing the issues of healthy lifestyles among the city occupiers. One of the key health problems being addressed in the Fire Festival is the hearing loss prevention campaign.

The Awareness Crusade

According to a recent study by the Fire Festival’s health experts, about 40% of people who do not wear earplugs may suffer from temporary hearing loss following a noise exposure. Only 8% of those who wear earplugs are likely to experience hearing loss. In addition, the study shows that 12% of the earplug users experienced the problem of tinnitus after an exposure to noise. Basically, human ears are at a high risk of developing problems when exposed to excessive noise that exceeds certain decibels.

The awareness campaigns are targeting to educate the guests about the sources of excessive noise such as gunfire and loud music that exceeds 85 decibels (dBA). The Visitors need to know that the sounds are enough to cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. Below are the main agendas that are being tackled in the awareness crusade meetings on a daily basis. So, let us talk about each of them briefly.

Hearing Loss Prevention Crusade Agendas

Workplace Noise

Based on the information posted on the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health‘s website (NIOSH), more than 20 million workers are exposed to noise that exceeds the permissible levels. Based on the agency’s information, the Crusaders are recommending the regulation of noise under a level corresponding to 85 decibels for a period of 8 hours in order to reduce issues of occupational-related hearing loss.

Hunting Activities

Hunting activities are other causes of hearing loss problem every guest should know. The modern hunting involves the use of shotguns, which generate blasts that are capable of causing temporary or permanent hearing loss. When hunting with rifles, guests are being advised to use hearing protection. There are exhibits showing the available hearing protection options for hunters. For instance, the over-the-counter earplugs, custom earplugs, as well as earplugs with built-in amplifiers that are more advanced for minimizing the loud gunfire sound down to the safer level.

Loud Music

Every musician needs to protect their ears from excessive bass bangs, even during the ongoing festivals. Given that the festival setting is in a high decibel environment, the place has a high potential of causing hearing loss. Unfortunately, conventional earplugs may not work well, and therefore the custom earplugs are the best bet. The guests are now switching to the improved models that moderate sound, hence preventing the alteration of quality.

Recreational Shooting

Recreational shooters are also being advised to have the right hearing protection devices. The Fire Festival experts have so far discovered more than 50% of recreational shooters may develop hearing loss due to prolonged exposure to loud gunshots. The guests need to understand that a typical gunfire produces more than 90 decibels, which is a harmful sound to ears. Other sophisticated rifles may exceed 100 decibels, and therefore high-quality earplugs are required.

Hearing Loss Prevention Crusade Agendas

Law Enforcement

Even the guests who are working in the city as law enforcement officers are being taught about hearing protection. The visitors are now learning the dangers of firing guns without proper hearing protection. For the guests who are yet to experience hearing problems, the experts are giving out precautionary materials such as printed guides that are geared towards promoting healthy working conditions.

Industry Noise

The awareness campaign is educating guests about the dangers of working in a noisy environment. The casual workers are most vulnerable because they work close to the machines, and therefore deserve wearing reliable earplugs. Industrial sounds have equal decibels like the gunfire, heavy-duty trucks, or music concerts among others. The ongoing sensitization campaigns intend to spread very crucial information about hearing health. The audience is also reminded on a daily basis that any noise that exceeds 90 decibels is harmful to their ears. So, proper use of earplugs can significantly reduce or prevent penetration of loud noise into the ears.


As much as the awareness campaigns emphasize the use of earplugs in general, it is equally important to know the availability of electronic earplugs. They are actually the best models since they improve the sound instead of blocking it. When a person is wearing the electronic earplugs, he or she can hear the normal sounds clearly. This is because the dangerous sounds are filtered out before reaching the delicate inner part of the ear. The facility offers all the types of earplugs including the custom, standard, and the cheap electronic earplugs.

Fire festival in Nottingham Rock City.

Professional Hairstylists for Guys in the Camp Area

Fire festival in Nottingham Rock City. All sorts of fun moments are happening at the Fire festival in Nottingham Rock City. Different guests can be spotted going around the camp area while sipping their favorite wines. Yes, hugging everyone they find on their way. Perhaps, they will also be jumping up and down following the rhythm of their darling rock music. Believe it or not, their hair must lose its shape and form before the next morning.

As a guest, now in the morning, you are in a hurry to join your friends for a mouth-watering breakfast. Your new buddy is already calling but you cannot pick up the phone as you are busy trying to comb your hair. To be honest, you are likely to leave the hotel room before grooming yourself fully!

That does not mark the end of your clean-up. The professional hairstylists in the camp area are just wondering if they can just deliver what you want. These are experts who have been doing similar jobs for decades, and that is why they are here at the Fire Festival to provide the best results that cannot be realized in a conventional men’s salon. For visitors who have been used to traditional barbershops, it is time to turn to these modern salons with highly specialized hairstylists.


Hairstylists for Guys in the Camp Area

Apart from the obvious professionalism that is usually exaggerated in the today’s bogus blogs, the most important things are the grooming tools available in the facility’s men’s salons. A reliable salon is defined by the kind of tools being used there, and therefore we are going to talk about the grooming tools you are likely to find on the camping site.

Men’s Grooming Tools at the Camp Zone

Firstly, the professionals have the best beard trimming as well as body hair shaving tools. There are many tools including the Norelco hair trimmers, which are popular grooming tools among men. Some of the super high-end versions include the Braun 7, though they are classier than the Norelco models. However, what you deserve is a perfect trimming process that is being achieved through the right hair grooming tools.

Secondly, all guests deserve high-quality, clean, safe, and reliable back hair removal tools. Even though the camp zone has facial hair grooming tools, they cannot be used for back hair removal. Therefore, they will use the back blade tools that are just simple and similar to back scratchers. However, they are excellent options than all other battery-powered tools. The blade is suitable for dry shaving because it can remove back hairs in an effective manner. Additionally, the back hair removal tools can be used to get rid of unwanted hairs on the shoulders.

Thirdly, there are high-quality hair clippers in the camping zone, though some guests are carrying their own clippers to the salon. For the guests who feel to have their own clippers, they can obtain tips and guidance from the hairstylists. Having a personal pair of hair clippers is a clear indication that the guests are learning how to trim their hair. For those who always seek assistance from barbers, you are lucky to meet the professional hairstylists who know how to cut hair or create any form of a style of choice. Additionally, the popular Wahl brand is one of the many pairs of clippers in the camp area.

Fourth, the guests have access to the latest nail clippers which are packed together with high-quality accessories. The full package comes with additional accessories such as scissors, nail files, and tweezers. Interestingly, the tools are just sharp enough to grab the least amount of hair for the best results. Other important grooming tools are the nose trimmers, which go hand-in-hand with the nail clippers. The Remington nose and ear trimmers are the popular models in the camp zone, which are possibly best for many guys.

Why Use the Professional Hairstylists in the Camp Zone?

First, the relaxing atmosphere in the camp zone is basically created by the professional barbers. The place is just welcoming. You can come with friends to share stories as your barber works on your head!

Secondly, the professional hairstylists are just knowledgeable and skilled. They have been trained particularly to handle men’s hair and also create some of the best world’s haircut styles ever. They can use all types of tools regardless of the type of haircut needed.

Lastly, it is highly recommended to use the professional hairstylists because they have the skills to deliver the best haircut and styling of your life. Nothing is better than having a facial treatment that is specifically designed for men. You will also find the straight razor shaves that are softer, better, and closer than anything you might have ever experienced before. The hands of the professional barbers will leave your skin feeling healthy while looking the best with a good shave.

Fire Festival in Nottingham Rock City

Free Body Hair and Makeup Stand at Firefest!

Fire Festival in Nottingham Rock City It is always a good approach for every festival event to have a promotion stand to educate the guests about new products in the market. That is why the Fire Festival in Nottingham Rock City was planned while taking into considerations the need for the same. Given the nature of the festival camp, women guests require makeup now and then in order to avoid ruining their pretty looks. When it comes to getting ready for such festivals, we have considered aspects beyond the conventional festival fashion and outfits.

What is Happening at the Stand

There are guests who carried beauty products, and this is a commendable step. For those who are dancing on the podium and also around the fire circle, you are likely to lose your initial facial ‘looks’ due to the sweat. It is undeniable that dancing with your glittering flower crowns and tassels will make the festival memorable. We have seen many guests visiting the body hair and makeup stand to restore their looks after leaving the stage. So, the idea of having a makeup stand is fundamental for maintaining the visitors’ beauty during and after the festival.

In a modern festival like the one going on in the Nottingham Rock City, the organizers are quite sensitive to the guests’ needs. The season started with lots of cheers and fireworks all over, followed by hefty activities such as dancing and singing all day long. People are meeting new friends and sharing stories while sipping drinks. With such interaction going on, it is quite vital to stay feeling confident about your looks. I think no guest would want to be asked by a fellow new friend how her cute makeup just disappeared so soon? This fear is just real among the guests, but the beauty experts at the promotion stand assure them full confidence throughout.

 body hair and makeup standThere are many makeup ideas for festivals, but not all are suitable for what you want. With the right experts, you will get all-rounded ideas that must work well as you rock around while sipping a cup of cider. You just want to feel as if the world is below your feet. It is time to love, enjoy, and feel the wonders of camping in a natural setting. More importantly, you need to keep your body and face glittering right from the start to the end of the festival season! That said, it is time for the guests to give a humble goodbye to those low-quality beauty products.

On a light note, I have stumbled several guests with unattractive body hairs. Some are just basking on the green grass while others sitting on the paved patios. Some are not aware of their unappealing skin, and therefore we recommend they visit the body hair removal and makeup stand for new makeup services. This is the last thing any woman would want to experience while at a festival. At the promotion stand, guests are encountering many new and existing hair removal tools. Interestingly, the best body hair removal experts from the city have been hired to teach the guests how to use the tool. The experts are guiding the visitors or even do it on their behalf.

So far we have noticed a number of women’s legs with dark spots that are caused by the ingrown hairs due to the poor shaving techniques. Those outdated methods of using razors are no longer suitable as they are simply painful and deliver poor results. Additionally, the experts at the promotion stand are preaching the gospel about the new products for removing unwanted hair. The guests will no longer spend more money booking for laser appointments. The Fire Festival has brought money saving ideas as well as helping women achieve some stubble, soft, and smooth hair-free skin.

The core idea of creating such a wonderful festival is to nice-up everything and also keeping the visitors engaged. This is complemented by the free beauty services including makeups and body hair removal. No sophisticated things that may confuse the guests. They are obtaining everything from the team of experts effortlessly.

Again, the visual point is being utilized well at the exhibition because all guests can see the PowerPoint presentations as well as the videos in computers placed strategically on different desks. There is also the emphasis on the available products with the clear photos that are visible from far. The photos have clear caption such as the testimonials, survey results, and the list of satisfied customers. This ensures that the visitors are fully convinced about the authenticity of the products.

Lastly, there is a clear demonstration of every product. The practical demonstrations show how the products are manufactured and the manufacturers themselves. There is a photo album containing the background information about the development of each and every product, as well as exhibitions that illustrate the research, testimonials, and the success stories.

Hot Air Brushes

What to Pack for A Beautiful Look in Camp Area (Styling Messy Hair)

In the history of festivals, people have found some to be boring while others are fantastically memorable. As anticipated in the Fire Festival, it is one of the thrilling events that have ever happened in the Nottingham Rock City. Many things including live performances from various performers will be happening there. Every day has its own special thing to offer based on the audience’s taste. There is a lot of sophistication as far as performances are concerned because the entire occasion involves lots of music, followed by intensive dancing and cheers that blends everything. The people already on the ground feel that the days and nights are shorter than normal given the immense fun at the fire circle.

Firefest Camping Zone

Alright, you are already preparing to join the rest of fans at the camping area. You will require a few things during the three-day festival. As a woman who understands the importance of carrying necessities, I have helpful ideas for all women that are set for the event. For the women guests, I recommend a few basic items such as sunglasses, bug spray, toothpaste, toothbrush, comfortable clothes (for day and night), and sun hat. It is also fine to carry essential feminine hygiene items and a personal first-aid kit.

Apart from the basic items, I will propose other mus-carry things that should never miss in any guest’s luggage. Of course, you need to carry shampoos, soaps, and conditioners. No problem, these are imperative items but there are other significant things that must be included in your checklist – the hair tools. I have been going for outdoor camping zones for the last five to seven years. Since all festivals are almost similar based on what to carry, every visitor’s checklist should have a hair tool. Other items that may follow down the list include the deodorant, prescription medications, earplugs, sleeping mask, and all other items mentioned earlier.

Last week, I talked to one of the Fire Festival organizing committee members about the necessities that guest should carry to the camp. I was thrilled to hear about the hair brushes, and this became a topic of discussion in our conversation. I will not be able to share everything we talked about, but I would like all guests to understand the latest and best hair styling tools. Lucky enough, there are better alternatives to curling irons and flat irons – the powerful Hot Air Brushes. These are the new hair tools we are recommending to the women guests since they are highly effective.

Hot Air Brushes for the Guests

Hot Air BrushesThe most effective tool is the ceramic model, which leaves your hair looking different and voluminous. All the guests in the camping zone deserve to stay at the top of the beauty. Probably, you will see some women at the camping zone wearing wavy or straight hair. This can be boring, especially for those who wish to change their looks. Therefore, visitors can carry or purchase these professional hot air brushes since they add a more comfortable fashion and style.

Some of the guests I have met since the festival started are used to the curling irons and hot electric straightening tools. Even though they are relatively cool hair tools, the hot air brushes are really beyond them in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Every visitor wants a shiny and healthy hair, and therefore the hot air brushes can absolutely do the trick. Interestingly, it does not cause unwelcoming surprises of dull, split ends, or burned hair even when used often. During the camping days, you rest assured of getting the best hairstyle you want.

Among the many models in the market, the Calista Perfecter Fusion and the Nano Titanium are some of the best and recommended hot air brushes to use. Interestingly, both have a combination of ionic technology and ceramic, which prevent frizz and ensure a shiny, smooth, and full-body hair. After observing the guests’ hair who have been visiting our salon shop, the two mentioned hot air brushes are simply fine for their hair lengths and textures. However, the hot air brushes may not be fit for some visitors with too short hair!


One of the common queries I have heard from various women guests at the Fire Festival is “can hot air brush damage my hair“? Alright, the answer is “NO” unless if used inappropriately. It is advisable for all guests to keep the tool on the correct setting depending on their hair types. I will request potential visitors to include a heat protection spray in their packages. Being the latest best alternative to the curling tongs and straighteners, hot air brushes ensures that there is no hair tangling between the heated plates. Therefore, those guests with brittle or chemically treated hair can comfortably and safely use the hot air brushes.