Baseball League Membership Stand

Baseball League Membership Stand

Baseball League Membership StandThe elemental tools used in playing baseball include the glove, ball, and bat. It is a process of throwing, striking, and catching a ball. It may sound so simple to execute these tasks, but they are significantly challenging. Interestingly, the players at the Fire Festival are just interested in these challenges. The facility is one of the largest sports center in the Nottingham Rock City, which is the home of sorts of games. Apart from the baseball game itself, there are also membership plans for the interested guests. Whether you are an experienced player or a newbie, the registration is currently open for all.

As a guest in the Fire Festival Baseball Club, it is important to understand about the membership stand. The stand incorporates many things for the guests to learn including the basics and the tools required to play the game. The club has a well-managed baseball league, with two types of members; the regular members and player members.

At the moment, they are more interested in the regular membership because these are the rightfully allowed persons to vote during the annual meeting or any other membership meeting. The regular members include the managers, board members, coaches, officers of the board, volunteer umpires, and maintenance workers among others. However, not all the guests in the baseball league are defined as members. For one to become one of the Fire Festival Baseball league members, the visitors are advised to participate in the payment of annual dues.

Fire Festival Baseball Club

The membership stand’s secretary is the person responsible for registering new members and keeping the list properly. With the regular membership program, the usual registration fee is not catering for the regular membership’s dues. For your information, the league may not look for more regular members during the ongoing registration process because not all people will stay until the end of the festival celebrations. The annual dues are $5 per head but all guests need to know that the dues must be paid before the annual meeting. Failure to pay at the stipulated time, a guest may be excluded from the participants’ rolls.

Baseball Basics and Baseball Equipment

Baseball Basics

A baseball game is independent of time, unlike the other types of sports. The game is played over a time of innings that is broken into halves. College and professional games are played for nine innings. The first half involves batting, and the competing team makes attempts to score a few points that are usually referred to as runs. On the other hand, the home team will be employing their best defensive attacks against their opponents.

The main objective of the defenders is to oust their opponent in a number of ways. When the offensive team is ousted three times, they switch – the offensive team now becomes the defender while the defensive team becomes the offensive counterpart. Every player is given a chance to bat by their respective batting team. The driving aspect of the game is achieved through two players; the batter and the pitcher. Both combatants move the action of a baseball game. Holding the bat while facing the pitcher, the batter should position on either side of the base which is known as ‘the plate’. On the other hand, the pitcher’s position is usually at a raised hill, usually 60ft 6″ from the plate, which is known as the pitcher’s mound.

To keep the game going on, the pitcher is expected to throw a ball past the batter towards the catcher or allow the batter to strike the ball to keep it in motion. As the ball is in motion, the other fielders will attempt to throw or catch it. The batter’s target is putting the ball in motion in order to deny the fielders (8 fielders) catching or throwing it to another fielder to score a run.

Baseball Equipment

Apart from learning the baseball basics at the stand, they will also need to understand the basic equipment available in the facility.

The Ball

All balls of baseball at the Firefest are manufactured specifically for professional games. A ball is made of a rubber or cork wrapped with a yarn, and then tightly stitched using horsehide or cowhide. A typical baseball has a circumference of 9″ and weighs approximately 149 grams.

The Bat

A bat is a wooden rod that is designed for hitting the ball by a baseball player. Its thickest part, the barrel, is usually 2.75″ or approximately 7cm in diameter. The length is about 107cm or 42″. Softball bats are a bit different and you can read more on

The Batting Helmet

A batting helmet is basically for protection against the ball in case it lands on the player’s head accidentally. A pitcher may throw the ball at a very fast speed, which the batter may miss. If this ball hits a helmet-free head, it can lead to serious injuries.

Batting Glove

Batters wear gloves to prevent injuries on hands. The most common injuries include blisters or injuries when sliding on the ground.

Catcher’s equipment

A catcher should wear protective gear including a helmet, chest protector, padded gloves, shin guards, and goalie’s mask.

Annual Membership

Tennis Beginner Lessons and Annual Membership

In tennis sports, there are fundamental principles that must be universal. The Fire Festival is one of the few facilities in the Nottingham Rock City that provide various sports including the popular tennis game. Both the experienced players and newbie have equal access to the services during the ongoing festivals. For the beginners, they deserve to learn the basics of the entire sport before engaging to tournaments. It is also important to understand that all the tennis courts are identical in terms of measurements. But the playground may differ from one court to another whereby some have grass, clay, indoor or hard carpet.

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The only significant variable in the history of tennis is the equipment used. Other things such as fashion, the introduction of heavier balls, and the graphite rackets are some of the aspects that have developed the game over the years. Alongside the establishment of the tennis sport, the players are improving on their strengths. Being a widely popular sport globally, there are differences from the other team sports such as soccer or basketball. A lot of confidence and concentration is required to counterattack the opponent.

The tennis lessons at the facility are aimed to improve the confidence of the players. The self-esteem is now helping the guests to have guts when taking a chancy shot as well as adequate endurance to overcome a challenging match.

The guests already love the game, regardless of their age differences. Young and old people have flocked the baseball pitches in the current competitive tournaments. However, other guests who are yet to develop professional skills are playing just for leisure during the weekends. Due to its popularity, the facility has managed to bring a broad range of equipment for players to select depending on their skill level, age, and competitive needs. In short, the Fire Festival has everything available for the beginners to learn and ultimately become pro tennis players before the end of the festival season.

The Tennis Requirements for Beginners

Annual Membership


A racket is an integral component of tennis sport. They come in different sizes depending on the age of a player. Size 19″ to 23″ is the suitable racket for kids aged 8 years and below.  For children aged between 8 and 10 years can use a 25″-racket. When a child is learning tennis using the appropriate racket size, it will be easier to master the skills of hitting the ball appropriately. More info about tennis rackets on

Tennis Ball

A tennis ball is made of a hollowed-rubber and should be white or yellow on the outside. It is also a requirement by the international tennis alliance to have all tennis balls’ diameters measuring between 2.5″ and 2.63″. When training a newbie how to play tennis, it is also important to test various aspects. For instance, a ball must be able to bounce between 53″ – 58″ when dropped from 100″ height.


A tennis player may wear any clothing, especially when playing a friendly match or general exercise. However, some of the world’s championships require all players to wear pure white clothing. But the most important thing is ensuring that the clothes are comfortable. The typical reason for wearing white clothing is to reflect solar heat in order to keep the players feeling cool. After the technology has chipped in the tennis industry, tennis sportswear has improved dramatically. More advanced fabrics such as ClimaLite and Dri-Fit has replaced the cotton because they are capable of keeping a player feeling dry and cool.


For a newbie in the tennis world, it is important to choose based on specific features. First of all, the shoes must be lightweight for a more efficient performance. Due to the constant movement, a player should be flexible enough to change directions abruptly. Another important feature is the stability a shoe can offer. Tennis requires swift movement as you counterattack the opponent. That said, a beginner might sustain injuries or ankle sprains if the pair of shoes lacks adequate stability and support. It is also vital to choose a pair of shoes that are made of breathable material.

Importance of the Beginner Lessons

The Fire Festival is allowing the baseball beginners to learn tennis without many challenges. This is because the professional coaches working for the facility are dedicated to teaching the learners appropriately. Actually, many guests are more interested in learning the basics as a priority. For instance, the forehand and backhand methods are the initial lessons being administered to the beginners as they develop more skills in the course of the festival season. Other lessons include the overhead strokes, volley, and serve.

Currently, the tennis club has over hundred registered members. The facility is inviting more members because its aim is to service a wide membership from the junior, youth, and senior players. Also, the experienced players can also join the club based on their categories.