Car Care Zone in Festival Parking Area

Nottingham Rock CityFire Festival, the three-day outdoor, is currently ongoing in the Nottingham Rock City. It is giving the visitors an opportunity to experience the culture, music, and different kinds of foods around the world. The celebrations feature over 50 pavilions that represent more than 70 cultures from different regions of the world. Performers and artists have display artwork, crafts, and food items for sampling.

Since the celebrations are just open to anyone, locals and foreign guests are both the anticipated audience. Some come with tour vans, self-drive, or car rental services. It is an event that draws people from all corners of the region, and therefore the car parking area’s capacity is enough to host hundreds of cars. The festival is just unique in its own way. As a team member in the CarCare Zone, my role is overseeing the appropriate servicing of the guests’ cars.

Due to the nature of my job position, I am in a better position to talk about the issues concerning the CarCare Zone. Usually, car servicing is done right in the parking lot. The services include car cleaning, car cleaning product promotions, offering driving tips, driving tutorials, racing tips, and many other things any guest might want to know. There are also photo albums demonstrating the testimonials, as well as the collection of the products that have been tested.

Having worked with various renowned auto companies, I have vast knowledge about car care. I have also worked as a team leader of a sales team of one of the biggest manufacturers of car cleaning products. This exposure has given me a chance to learn more about car wash soaps and waxes. Many people post their queries on my social media pages, and for sure, I can confidently say everyone is always satisfied with the answers I give. Away from that, it is vital for everyone to understand the car care tips, the products to be used in the facility’s CarCare Zone, and the tips for using the same products.

Car Cleaning Products and Tips

Car Cleaning ProductsIf you want to achieve that showroom polish, your car deserves more than a sponge and bucket of water. During the Fire Festival, you will meet many professionals who are capable of cleaning your car up to satisfaction. They have been trained on how to follow the guidelines correctly to ensure the car is not damaged. Perhaps, you have heard stories about damages during cleaning services, and as a person who has worked with auto cleaning experts, I know the causes of such damages and how to avoid them.

Firstly, the experts in the facility never clean cars in a direct sunlight or heat. This is something that has been disputed by many people, arguing that the sunlight must be available to dry up the car. Of course, some warmth is needed so that the parts of the car can dry quicker than normal. But the extreme sunlight has an impact on the wax and soaps. Therefore, the cleaners might turn into destructive chemicals rather than keeping the car clean and shiny. Read more about car waxes and how to use them on

Secondly, your festival days must be celebrated in style. Your car is one of the things that reflect your personality, and therefore you need it to be cleaned properly without unwelcoming surprises down the line. It is worth noting that the task of cleaning a car is a process with several steps. As much as the cleaning experts must use their hands at some points, the grime and dirt must be removed first. This is an important stage to ensure that the grime and dirt are not spread along the car paint. Snow foams and pressure washers are recommended because they come with citrus oils to aid in removing the grime and dirt from the body.

Car shiningThirdly, ruining your festival is the last thing you would want to do. Therefore, let no one do it on your behalf. For the many years I have worked with auto service companies, I came to realize some people use silicone-based sprays inside the cabin. Even though the entire car will not be damaged, some of the vital parts such as the pedals may become slippy. The dashboard can also start reflecting too many sun rays, making your driving experience annoying. However, the facility’s experts may use silicone-based products on the body and bonnet as it gives a shiny finish.

Fourth, it will be necessary to blow dry the car before the owner drives. Some guests may want to leave the event half-way due to various reasons are known to them. They may drive before their cars dry completely. This is not advisable as the brakes might become sticky due to the moisture in the gaps and seals. Just a two-minute blow can prevent such menace. That is why the Car Care Zone has everything from the blow dryers to specialized clothes for that purpose.

Lastly, it is the responsibility of the experts to have the best cleaning products. Perhaps, all visitors want their cars looking glossy during the festival. The cleaning experts are giving the options available – either a short term or long term glossy finish. Therefore, it is for the guests to choose accordingly.

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