Awareness Campaign: Prevention of Hearing Loss

Prevention of Hearing LossEnsuring a high-quality health of the guests during the Fire Festival is one of the critical aspects of consideration. As a priority for the residents of Nottingham Rock City, plans for launching a promotion of the hearing loss prevention are underway. The campaign is involving all stakeholders that have been at the forefront championing the issues of healthy lifestyles among the city occupiers. One of the key health problems being addressed in the Fire Festival is the hearing loss prevention campaign.

The Awareness Crusade

According to a recent study by the Fire Festival’s health experts, about 40% of people who do not wear earplugs may suffer from temporary hearing loss following a noise exposure. Only 8% of those who wear earplugs are likely to experience hearing loss. In addition, the study shows that 12% of the earplug users experienced the problem of tinnitus after an exposure to noise. Basically, human ears are at a high risk of developing problems when exposed to excessive noise that exceeds certain decibels.

The awareness campaigns are targeting to educate the guests about the sources of excessive noise such as gunfire and loud music that exceeds 85 decibels (dBA). The Visitors need to know that the sounds are enough to cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. Below are the main agendas that are being tackled in the awareness crusade meetings on a daily basis. So, let us talk about each of them briefly.

Hearing Loss Prevention Crusade Agendas

Workplace Noise

Based on the information posted on the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health‘s website (NIOSH), more than 20 million workers are exposed to noise that exceeds the permissible levels. Based on the agency’s information, the Crusaders are recommending the regulation of noise under a level corresponding to 85 decibels for a period of 8 hours in order to reduce issues of occupational-related hearing loss.

Hunting Activities

Hunting activities are other causes of hearing loss problem every guest should know. The modern hunting involves the use of shotguns, which generate blasts that are capable of causing temporary or permanent hearing loss. When hunting with rifles, guests are being advised to use hearing protection. There are exhibits showing the available hearing protection options for hunters. For instance, the over-the-counter earplugs, custom earplugs, as well as earplugs with built-in amplifiers that are more advanced for minimizing the loud gunfire sound down to the safer level.

Loud Music

Every musician needs to protect their ears from excessive bass bangs, even during the ongoing festivals. Given that the festival setting is in a high decibel environment, the place has a high potential of causing hearing loss. Unfortunately, conventional earplugs may not work well, and therefore the custom earplugs are the best bet. The guests are now switching to the improved models that moderate sound, hence preventing the alteration of quality.

Recreational Shooting

Recreational shooters are also being advised to have the right hearing protection devices. The Fire Festival experts have so far discovered more than 50% of recreational shooters may develop hearing loss due to prolonged exposure to loud gunshots. The guests need to understand that a typical gunfire produces more than 90 decibels, which is a harmful sound to ears. Other sophisticated rifles may exceed 100 decibels, and therefore high-quality earplugs are required.

Hearing Loss Prevention Crusade Agendas

Law Enforcement

Even the guests who are working in the city as law enforcement officers are being taught about hearing protection. The visitors are now learning the dangers of firing guns without proper hearing protection. For the guests who are yet to experience hearing problems, the experts are giving out precautionary materials such as printed guides that are geared towards promoting healthy working conditions.

Industry Noise

The awareness campaign is educating guests about the dangers of working in a noisy environment. The casual workers are most vulnerable because they work close to the machines, and therefore deserve wearing reliable earplugs. Industrial sounds have equal decibels like the gunfire, heavy-duty trucks, or music concerts among others. The ongoing sensitization campaigns intend to spread very crucial information about hearing health. The audience is also reminded on a daily basis that any noise that exceeds 90 decibels is harmful to their ears. So, proper use of earplugs can significantly reduce or prevent penetration of loud noise into the ears.


As much as the awareness campaigns emphasize the use of earplugs in general, it is equally important to know the availability of electronic earplugs. They are actually the best models since they improve the sound instead of blocking it. When a person is wearing the electronic earplugs, he or she can hear the normal sounds clearly. This is because the dangerous sounds are filtered out before reaching the delicate inner part of the ear. The facility offers all the types of earplugs including the custom, standard, and the cheap electronic earplugs.

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