Audio Zone in Festival Parking Area

During the Fire Festival, an audio zone at the parking area is a necessity since almost all the guests enjoy and love listening to music. The facility decided to designate a parking lot where guests can play music through their car audio systems. But, it is not about music competitions at the parking area! Playing music is one of the outdoor fun moments, especially for the bachelors and young couples. The festivals are meant for people of all ages and mostly the youth are constantly flocking the party. It is unarguable that youthful guests are having great opportunities to prove the strength of their car audio systems.

audio zone

Car Audio Subwoofers

Even though some guests might be planning to bang the party with booming bass from their car music systems, they also need to ensure that the systems produce high-quality sounds. A typical subwoofer should be able to reproduce low-frequency sound without the rumbling sounds that can deafen other visitors. The car audio systems in the parking area are designed to supplement the low-frequency bass sound, especially the recorded sounds and music. Basically, stereo subwoofers give car audio systems the aptitude to replicate accurate bass notes, which can dramatically improve the general listening experience for the guests.

For the last one or two decades, subwoofers have been the major component in automobile audio systems. A guest who is a real fanatic of stereo sounds is likely to understand the quality of a subwoofer by listening to the sound. Those who are already at the festival ground can tell which car has the greatest or poorest audio system. This is has been helpful because a number of guests can make informed decisions before upgrading their car audio systems. At the audio parking zone, visitors are meeting the facility’s long-serving experts who are highly knowledgeable in automobile stereo systems.

For those who are interested in changing or upgrading their current systems, below are the tips on what to look for.

Of course, some of the visitors are looking for fully customized systems similar to the one they are seeing in other cars. The first thing to check is a component sub, which is usually the speaker and should be mounted in the box of a subwoofer in order to function appropriately. An external amplifier may be required to power the speaker. With the aid of the professionals at the parking area, the guests can rest assured of getting the right system for their treasured vehicles.

Car Audio Subwoofers

Secondly, some guests may need an enclosed sub that is usually pre-mounted into the box hosting the subwoofer. So, he or she will not require selecting an enclosure for the subwoofer, and therefore reducing the task of building and designing the overall system. However, a person may not enjoy the unlimited chance of including as many speakers as possible. Also, the type of box to choose may be specific. The experts are giving advice on whether or not to include an external amplifier for powering the subwoofer.

Thirdly, someone’s choice of subwoofer may be determined by the available space in the car. For the cars with limited room, a powered subwoofer can be the best option because it combines both the amplifier and the subwoofer in a single enclosure. This means there is only one installation to be done. Though they are capable of reproducing a significant bass sound, they may not be suitable for those guys looking for big bass sounds.

Fourth, the experts are advising on matching the car interior and the system itself. Of course, the guest is the boss and no one can dispute that. This means the visitor can make the final decision based on what he or she wants. Most of the systems are designed to fit in various vehicles such as SUVs, trucks, and cars. The design also takes care of the color matching, especially for the interior of the vehicle. As much as a guest may want to have a system that produces the loudest bass, it is equally important to match the colors of the subwoofer and the car’s interior.

Fifth, for the guys who are in the era of music ‘competitions’, perhaps they want a great system that can produce the loudest stereo bass. There are experts in the parking area who are guiding guests on how to choose the right system depending on their specific needs. The experts understand the needs of each and every guest. Therefore, guests are free to check the packages being offered and select the right components including the speaker wires.


The Fire Festival is extraordinary in the sense that there is an audio parking area for interested guests to have a good time of their lives. This is also allowing the development of more advanced automotive audio systems in Nottingham Rock City. The residents are also realizing the integral purpose of having high-quality car audio systems. The subwoofers allow the reproduction a low-frequency sound that reflects a real music that does not subject the listeners to unwelcoming and distorted sounds.

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